September Acts of Kindness

September was a busy month. the Acts of Kindness were overflowing!

  • In September, many King Soopers shoppers used their reloadable cards to benefit FoCo Cafe and we received a generous check for $389.22! We also received a donation through AmazonSmile of $33.26. Make sure to shop through This is a great way to support the Cafe without spending an extra penny! Just search and choose Feeding Our Community Ourselves, Inc. to make a difference!
  • Orange Theory of Fort Collins chose to support FoCo Cafe as their Charity of the month! They raised $225.25 from heart rate monitors alone!
  • FoCo Cafe received a major increase in financial gifts from many individuals and businesses through both the Colorado Gives website and PayPal for our Sustaining Membership Campaign. Thank you to these thoughtful donors to help Save the FoCo Cafe! Check out our Sustaining membership and join today!
  • A special thank you to Jacob at The Coloradoan for covering our Save the FoCo Cafe story and helping us reach the Denver News and beyond!
  • Many made an impact through donations of needed items! We received weekly donations of high-value food items from Trader Joe’s and Ginger and Baker; journals for The Giving Tree, produce for the FoCo Freedge; along with a BUNCH of fresh local produce to use in our beautiful meals! We are so grateful for these in- kind donations that help supplement food costs for not only the cafe but the whole community through our outdoor resources!

A big thanks to all of our local farmers for their donations to feed the community!

A special shout out to our incredible volunteers and supporters. We couldn’t do it without you!

Upcoming Opportunities

Thanks To This Amazing Little Cafe

Three years ago, I became a homeless homeowner and an unemployed graphic designer. I had no idea how hard it would be to live in my car. I thought it would be like camping for a while until I found a place to stay. Yeah, right.

I was astounded at the impossible housing situation. I had fled an abusive relationship and needed to heal from the trauma in a safe, nourishing space. Instead, I found myself scrabbling on the street, wondering each day if I would ever live like a normal person again. This lasted a year. I tried to find work, but I couldn’t think. Brain injuries prevented me from functioning.

I needed nutrition. Good, healthy, fresh food. I went to the food bank twice a week, but I had no way of cooking the vegetables or the frozen meals. Sometimes I would find a packaged salad and some fruit. I had no way of refrigerating anything, so there was no point in carrying around more food than I could eat in a day.

The meals provided by the social service agencies often made me sick because I had reactions to dairy and other ingredients they were using.

FoCo Cafe has provided my body with cell-regenerating nutrition. And it’s been more: It’s been a place where I’ve received respect. Where I’ve been welcomed, not shooed away like a stray cat.

Thanks to this amazing little cafe, I’ve been able to rebuild my life. I love that they trade in all kinds of currency: money, local farm-grown veggies, kitchen and garden help, live music … and that they’re committed to the community that helped them begin this pay-what-you-can adventure.

The community includes the next generation. Over the past three years, I’ve witnessed a dramatic change in some of the kids who eat at the cafe regularly with their parents. Children who were hesitant and shy at first have blossomed into friendly, self-confident individuals.

This whole experience has inspired me to launch a design and social media company based on the Pay What You Can model. It’s been organic as I’ve picked up little jobs here and there: marketing for a local rock band, social media management for a local farm, and a couple of print projects. My brain is working well enough that I can now build a new business.

Three years ago, I was broken. Just a bum on the street. Today, I’m creating a new venture that will provide a service to those who would not otherwise have access to it, based on a sustainable fair exchange.

I wouldn’t have even thought of this new business without the lifesaving help of FoCo Cafe. Social services helped me survive; FoCo Cafe helped me thrive.

The cafe is asking for our help right now. They have given more value to the community than can be measured. Let’s step up and make sure OUR cafe will continue to thrive.

Tea vs. Coffee: Which cup should you be drinking?

While both coffee and tea have their advantages, enthusiasts of both will defend their favored drink. For many, it is hard to decide what merely hype around the drinks is, or what is actually founded as being the truth.

Here we will take a look at both beverages and see what potential benefits both offer and how they stack up against each other.

Social Drinking Benefits

Coffee and tea both serve social functions, but of varying types. All through time, both drinks have been used in gatherings to drink over discussions ranging from diplomatic measures to the latest happenings on the street.

With this advent, there has been a rise in the number of coffee shops, and an equal number of barista courses being held for staff to pour the perfect cup.

Tea, on the other hand, is symbolled as being a drink for relaxation or afternoon lunches in specific regions.

Caffeine Boosting Content

Aside from the benefits each drink brings, there is the question of caffeine which sways many people toward coffee for the buzz they get from drinking it.

Researchers are still debating if this caffeine is a benefit or a health risk. But, for now, we will presume it is safe apart from the fact it can affect your sleep.

Such are the jitters people can feel from drinking excess coffee, it is also shown to decrease concentration and also induce panic attacks.

Tea does contain caffeine but not to a level which would create these reactions in people.

Healthy Antioxidants

In this section, it should be mentioned of green tea which is touted as having lots of antioxidants. White regular tea actually contains more antioxidants, as well as not containing than what coffee contains.

These polyphenols can help repair cell damage and reduce inflammation, and coffee contains up to 2 1/2 times more than a cup of tea.

This, however, does change depending on brands and the roasting process, and to gain the most benefits, you need beans which are high altitude grew and dark roasted.

This being said, to gain the most polyphenols, you should also drink tea, so again neither one is better than the other.

Drink to a Healthy Heart

Both coffee and tea are linked to a reduction in cardiovascular diseases. Drinkers who frequently consume six cups or more of tea have a 36% lower risk of heart disease while coffee drinkers who consume two to four cups per day have a 20% lower chance of contracting cardiovascular disease compared to ones who drink less than two, or more than four.

Best Drink for the Digestive System

Research has shown that drinkers of coffee have a lower risk of contracting colorectal cancer, and the more coffee consumed, the lower the risk.

This happens to be the same for both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee.

Best Drink for Weight Loss

Black coffee has been on many dieters list for many years, and many drink a strong coffee before a workout for that extra energy boost.

A study back in 2011 showed blood sugar levels in a healthy person spike after eating a high-fat meal, but, when this is coupled with a cup of caffeinated coffee the spike doubles. They also reach levels which are comparable with diabetes sufferers.

Tea, on the other hand, has been shown to help drinker lose more weight, but this tea is the green variety. It does this in a few different ways which can include increased calorie-burning, increased fat oxidization and reducing fat absorption or reducing a person’s appetite.

Best Drink for Being Alert

A lot of drinkers drink coffee to feel alert, however with the more coffee a person drinks, the more tolerant they become of it, and then the reverse happens, and they become fatigued through caffeine withdrawal.

Tea on the other hand (Green Tea) has compounds which are able to cross the brain-blood barrier and so reach the neural tissues. The result of this is they can help reduce a decline in the brains function.

Which is the Healthier Drink?

The two drinks need to be compared, and tea has always had a clean reputation, whereas coffee is still seen as the bad one of the two.

This gives drinkers the impression of tea is a much healthier drink, but in reality, the health benefits of coffee have been highly underestimated.

The two drinks are remarkably close in the benefits they bring but in different areas. There are also some situations where it would be healthier for drinkers to avoid both altogether (caffeine sensitivity, Anxiety, etc.).

At the end of all the testing, neither offers more benefits than the other to make it an outright winner.

Moderation is the key, and drinking the one you prefer is the only real answer which can satisfy the question.

Dance to Live Music and Support Doing it For Ourselves!

Our own little outdoor #MusicFestival has sold out the last four years. Foco Cafe’s 6th annual Bike-In Festival on July 23 promises to keep your feet dancing to new local music while children* get their faces painted and your #bike** gets repaired on-site. Good food, good beer, good music. #FamilyFun. Plus a #LiveAuction of desserts so you can take home something sweet!

Here’s the line-up:

Opening with Conrad Piercea producer from Fort Collins. The music he produces is very vibey and perfect for laying back and chilling out. His sound incorporates tribal and experimental beats along with layers of upbeat production. Find his music here.

You’ll be the first to see Grass Blue Rhythm (GBR) Grass Blue Rhythm pickin’ it with Sean Fazzini of House With A Yard. 

“Having the opportunity to play our first gig as a band at this festival is a huge honor. We’re really looking forward to seeing the community come together, enjoy the outdoors, and enjoy some fine music. It should be a great time,” said Sean, GBR’s mandolin player.

“This is GBR’s first gig as a band, and I’m real excited to be pickin’ some bluegrass with these cats,” said Sean Fazzini of House With A Yard.  “I’m very grateful to be doing what I love alongside so many great people and musicians. Thanks to everyone that plans to come, and everyone that can’t. I’ll see ya out there folks!”

theKITYproject is a new Front Range Folkadelic-Blues band based out of Fort Collins. This 5-piece ensemble features soulful harmonies, infectious melodies, and rhythms that beg to be danced. Influenced by Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Bill Withers, Say Anything, Mike Love, Bright Eyes, and many more.

“Fantastic event! We love any opportunity to play outdoors, just the feeling of big open spaces seems to agree with music. Bonus points for more dancing space. Better yet we get to play in support of a fantastic community resource like FoCo Cafe, so far as I can see, it’s everything I could ever want in a show!” said theKITYproject.

Good Gravy is a modern approach to American roots music or Americana, inspired by String Cheese Incident, Yonder Mountain String Band, and Leftover Salmon. Bluegrass, rock, folk, electronic, jazz, and even calypso. 

Conrad Pierce 2:00pm – 2:50pm
Grass Blue Rhythm 3:10pm – 4:00pm
The KITY Project 4:20pm – 5:10pm
Good Gravy! 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Guaranteed to throw down everything from psychedelic dance beats to slamming bluegrass, this improvisational contemporary band takes acoustic songwriting to new and exciting realms. Good Gravy is said to “melt the heart, as well as the face.” 

*Get a children’s ticket free with the purchase of an adult ticket. 

**No onsite parking, so plan accordingly! Gates open at 2pm with music to follow shortly after. Bike in and jam with us! 

Beats & Brew 2018

June 30th, 1-5pm: Intersect Brewing
July 7th, 1-5pm: Prost Brewing Company
July 13th, 4-8pm: New Belgium Brewing
July 21st, 1-5pm: Maxline Brewing
July 29th, 1-5pm: Zwei Brewing Company

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FoCo Cafe’s 6th Annual Bike In Music Fesitval

FoCo Cafe’s Bike-In Music Festival

Experience the best of Fort Collins in one Sunday afternoon! Bikes, great music, food, beer, and family fun at The Burrow, Off Shields St, just North of the Poudre Trail. A limited number of tickets will be sold for this alternative transportation, community centric, and locally robust festival experience on the farm.

Sunday, August 5th, 2018
Gates open at 2:00
This is our sixth bike-in festival and growing every year, so don’t wait to get tickets!

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Conrad Pierce 2:00pm – 2:50pm
Grass Blue Rhythm 3:10pm – 4:00pm
The KITY Project 4:20pm – 5:10pm
Good Gravy! 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Food Trucks:

Silver Seed
Austins Tacos